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I remember when Hallie was starting Kindergarten. I was so excited for her. I knew she was prepared academically. I worried about things such as her being able to find her classroom and speaking up to go to the bathroom. I never worried about her being able to sit at a table. I never worriedContinue reading “Kindergarten”


I want to not look forward to bed time anymore. I want to stop wishing my kids childhood away. I want to stop being a yeller. I want to not have to repeat myself a million times a day. I want my husband to be home for dinner every night. I want my husband toContinue reading “Rest”


I wish I could see the world through my sons eyes. What’s he running after? Where’s he going? Does he think it’s funny? Does it just make him happy? Does it feel good to feel free? Just running down the road. I’m not perfect. I get frustrated with you. I get overwhelmed. I raise myContinue reading “Danger”

There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a great one.

Jill Churchill
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